From a very young age, I began to discover the magic of wood. My grandfather had a small workshop where he devoted himself to carpentry. My uncle studied piano technology in Boston and is a recognized harpsichord maker, a piano repairer and tuner. In his workshop I used a chisel for the first time and began to remove chips. I was only 14 years old.

After graduating from advertising,  I decided to work for my uncle. In his workshop, I learned the woodworking trade: cutting, glueing, bending and understanding wood with the precision and detail that must be followed to build musical instruments. My uncle was a great teacher.

I installed the machines that belonged to my grandfather’s workshop in the garage of my house, and then I began to work on my ownprojects. My inspiration comes from nature itself. To give life to a root or a piece of wood is a deep joy for me. Everyday I discover shapes, techniques, designs, woods, colors and textures.

Artist statement

Wood is for me a perfect media to discover, experience and create unique pieces of art. That’s why I always look for new techniques, shapes, textures and woods that offer different colors.

I seek to make different pieces, to dedicate my time to the manual elaboration of each work, respecting the colors of each wood. Giving life to a piece of rescued root or a piece that I have been planning and working for weeks is a great joy. Each work has its own history and particularity. In some cases, they are unique imperfections created over time, which I leave in my works because they tell part of their history.

My work with wood segments demands design, detailed planning and meticulous precision. Through assemblies of small pieces of different woods and colors, in some cases hundreds or thousands, I can create unique pieces of striking shapes and designs. To produce some pieces, I dedicate myself to them for months.

 Through the process of hand turning, the pieces that I cut, assembled, sanded and previously assembled, begin to take shape. This process reveals the planned and, in some cases, unexpected designs. The lathe is what gives life to many of my works.

Awards / Recognitions

3rd Place: Wood category

Coconut Grove Art Festival 2018